Saturday, August 8, 2009

Bairro Alto Day & Night

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It must be said that the appeal of the Bairro Alto lies more in its charm than in any glitz or glamour.

The Bairro Alto can seem schizophrenic as its character totally changes at dusk. During the day peace reigns, locals wander through the quiet streets and the occasional café is all one needs for refreshment. In the evening, however, the entire place changes. Bars and clubs spill out onto the street, world class restaurants with world class service stay open late into the night and strains of Fado drift through the warm air.

Many visitors based in other parts of Lisbon head to the Bairro Alto in the evening to take advantage of the bars and restaurants but it would be a shame to miss it during the day. There is a terrace with spectacular views that take in the city as it sinks down to meet the river and the funicular is always fun, especially for kids. The greatest attraction, however, is simply wandering around and relaxing in the ambience of a more peaceful time.
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