Friday, August 28, 2009

Makes your Mouth Water don't you think!

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The Catralvos Moscatel
Setúbal, 2003
is a gorgeous Moscatel fortified with Armagnac Brandy. It has
25% Armagnac and 75% Moscatel juice – the alcoholic fermentation is stopped
after 1-2 days by addition of the
Armagnac which leaves the wine at a high sugar
level and about 17.5% alcohol at finish. This wine spent five years in barrel
(to be Setúbal it must have a minimum of two years in barrel) and it was
released in August of this year. The aromas are honey, tea leaves and caramel
apricots, its rich complex and sweet with good acidity and a lovely Armagnac
linger. Great with strong cheeses with marmelada (quince paste) or the local
sweet jelly rolled sponge cake desserts.
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