Saturday, August 8, 2009

Organic in Paris - come on Lisbon

Can't wait till we have more restaurants like these here in Lisbon. I will keep you posted
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Le Jardin du Marais Organic Restaurant, Paris

Organic Restaurants in Paris

Au Grain de Folie. Not only is vegetarian, organic food served at this cozy restaurant, but the dishes are lactose, ovo, and vegan-friendly.
Le Potager du Marais – This reasonably-priced vegetarian restaurant has one of the best reputations in Paris.
Phyto Bar. This restaurant serves organic meat and wild fish in addition to veggie dishes – not to mention organic wine and champagne!
Soya. It’s not easy to find (the restaurant has no sign) but some say it’s worth the hunt for Soya’s delicious lentils and hummus.
La Chandelle Verte – This restaurant has the distinction of serving classically French bistro meals (think salad of duck gizzards) with principally organic ingredients.
If you’re an eco-conscious traveler lucky enough to be heading to Paris, there’s no need to fear that you’ll have to leave your principles behind in order to sample the city’s famed cuisine: Paris has a wealth of organic dining options.
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