Friday, August 28, 2009

Raw Milk Cheese from the Azores

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DOP São Jorge  or “Queijo da Ilha” (Azores Islands) - The “Island Cheese” of Saint Jorge Island is the largest of the Portuguese cheeses, and the only one made exclusively from whole and raw cow’s milk. Cured and aged for 3 months then formed into large rounds of 8-12 kilos, this cheese requires a minimum of 45% milk fat; whereby, making it very rich.  It’s sold in the rounds or wedges with its look being very similar to Pecorino Romano but the aroma being a lot stinkier…..a mix of stinky and nutty!  But like most stinky cheeses, once you get past the smell, the cheese is quite flavorful, sharp, nutty, buttery, most Azoreans like it for breakfast slapped on a piece of fresh baked bread. São Jorge is commonly produced in a picante style of varying degrees, which is very popular. But be careful, as people have been known to gain a stomach ache or break out in a rash if they consume too much!

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