Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Fado Blues and Tours

THE best introduction to the genre is to book a tour with Diogo
Experience fado as only a few privileged ever do . . .

. . . via insider knowledge shared with your personal guide, Diogo, whose qualifications include being a member of Portugal's most famous fado family:
Diogo grew up listening to his great-aunt, Amalia Rodrigues, and her sister Celeste, his grandmother, sing fado, the soul music of Portugal.
Now you can join Diogo and Lisbon's "extended family" of fadistas, some legendary, others contemporary, for an evening of saudade, the rich savoring of things past.
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Fado – The Portuguese Blues

Fado is the Portuguese equivalent to the blues. It is music derived from sad songs sung by women waiting for their husbands on the shores of the stormy Atlantic mixed with tunes of African slaves and some hints of Arabic influence. The theme is normally about loss, missing someone, or the sea and hard life, hence, the blues connection. The style became popular in folk music in the early 1800s. To this day, there are fierce debates over the genre’s origin and the way it should be performed.
Traditionally, Fado is performed with a Portuguese twelve string guitar player and a singer. However, in modern interpretations, additional instruments appear as well. If you want to experience Fado, go with the locals. The touristy events can be pretty pricey, so you might find yourself moaning along with the Fadista.
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