Saturday, October 17, 2009

Grab a Portugeezer and Get some Fun on the Weekends

Lisbon is a great place for that long weekend for a boost before the long dark days set in. Hey it’s still summer here.
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Portugeezers ...
The following day we hopped on tram 28 and went for a quick explore of the excellent Museu Nacional de Arte Antigua, recommended by everyone. Lisbon's ancient art museum is popular with the younger crowd and I spotted at least 15 people in skinny jeans and oversized glasses with not a teacher in sight.
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amazed by how much was going on in Lisbon – it might be small, but it feels like it has a genuinely proactive and exciting arts scene.
Our final destination of the trip was the Electricity Museum, situated on the banks of the Tagus in elegant Belém. Like so many industrial buildings in Lisbon, the former electricity factory has been transformed into a stunning arts venue. We were there for a live drawing performance by the comic book artist António Jorge Gonçalves.
Lisbon's art scene is alive and well.

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