Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Lisboa the city of the Bica

It referred to as a Bica in my home town of Lisbon but a Cimbalino in Porto - a great espresso by any other name! Lets face it most of Portugal's ex colonies produce the best coffee beans around.

Coffee is quite popular in Portugal and most people drink it
Lisbon Food and drink
Bica. The abovementioned "standard" coffee that you will get unless you don't specifically ask for a different kind.
- Bica cheia. "Full coffee", meaning you get the same cup, just that it is completely full with the same amount of coffe, just some more water.
- Café duplo. Just a "double" coffee, two servings of coffee in the same cup (you will be charged two coffees).
- Italiana. Same cup, less water, more concentrated coffee. This is just one or two sips of the drink.
- Café com cheirinho. Literally, "coffe with a scent" it is a bica with some "Aguardente" or "Bagaço" (similar to brandy) added.
- Carioca. Coffee topped with hot water. (Different from "bica cheia" as it is usually served in a larger cup).
- Galão. Tall glass of (hot) milk with some coffee (more milk, however).
- Garoto. Coffee topped with milk.
- Descafeínado. Decaffeinated coffee, like a bica
Don't expect "American style"

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