Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Lisboa RestaurantWeek Alecrim as Flores Restaurant

Alecrim as Flores Restaurant has sent me their offering for this week:
Menu “ Lisboa Restaurant Week”
Bread, olive oil, olives
Mushrooms vol-au-vent with three cheese Parmalat sauce
Main dish
Iberian black pork fillets with potato and apple purée
Chocolate Valrhona mousse over pineapple carpaccio

Reserve you table here
Alecrim as Flores, Travessa do Alecrim, for Lunch & Dinner
Tel (+351) 213 225 368 or 912519 119

Let me know how you liked your meal and send us a review by clicking on comments.


  1. As we were quite upset during our last dinner (evening) at the restaurant Alecrim as Flores we would like to share with you our experience in some quick bullet points:

    - Meat was served cold, the time the meat was heated (came back too much cooked !!!) my wife was already finished with her dish.
    - We also asked for some spinach instead of the rice. The spinach was served cold after the dish was finished + surcharge of 2 € for cold spinach.
    - The waiters disappeared for almost 20 minutes to smoke a cigarette outside (self-service for the absolutely OVERPRICED WINE and finished dishes remained on the table).
    - For the dessert, my wife asked to have a half ball of ice cream with the 'Torta de Maça' of 5.50 €, the 1/2 mini ball was charges + 3.25€
    - Unfriendly service (which is actually not usual for the restaurant)

    All things may happened on a bad day but what made me write this comment is that at the end we tried to make a positive critique on the different points, but the manager was not there and the rest of the staff didn't care at all what we had to say.

    If you want to spend really a lot of money for a NON-price/quality relation then you may try the restaurant. But don't make any critics looks like they don't like it.

  2. Thanks for your input Patrick, when did you dine there? Sound like they need to brush up their act pronto.


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