Friday, October 9, 2009

A Toast to the 1st Day of Lisboa RestaurantWeek

To all the chefs of all the restaurants involved in our capital city's 2nd Lisbon gourmet binge with attitude, I hope you had a great first day and have sat down and given yourselves a pat on the back for all your good work. Here's cyber glass of bubbly for all of you to sparkle on through the rest of the week.
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Flavor and Aroma Rise in Champagne Bubbles

A tiny bubble can do a lot of work. In the ocean, for example, rising air bubbles in the surf drag certain compounds to the surface. These compounds, called surfactants, have a water-loving end (which stays in the water) and a water-avoiding end (which stays inside the bubble); when the bubbles reach the surface and pop, the surfactants are released. The effect is to concentrate these compounds in the air in the vicinity of the surf.

A glass of Champagne, it turns out, is like a mini-ocean.

The researchers suggest that Champagne bubbles act like an elevator, bringing aromatic compounds up out of the liquid and into the air above it. The effect continues over and over as bubbles continue to form.

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