Friday, December 11, 2009

Lisbon the Old Lady on the Tagus

Lisbon, the capital of Portugal since it was conquered by the Moors in 1147, is a possessor of more than 20 centuries of history and a marvelous architecture that includes 92 palaces and 102 churches. Beyond this, nowadays the capital reflects the passage of time of an exceptional way: Lisbon is modern, cool, entertaining, luxurious. It is a city that invites us to enjoy New art surrounded with flaming skyscrapers and Baroque Monuments.

Baixa and Lisbon CastleImage via Wikipedia
In the old district Bairro Alto a series of steep descending streets invites us to the night life that contrasts with small "funky" shops, bars, and places of typical meals. The Portuguese kitchen is by means of green broths, seafood, fish, and it is said that they have in their cookbook up to 365 different ways of preparing salt cod.
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