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Lisbon Taven On 28 Tram Route

Tasca da Esquina – Vitor Sobral’s Version of a Corner Tavern
Everything Mega-Chef Vitor Sobral does is about taking rich Portuguese flavors and transforming them into modern tastes and textures.  His current stage for displaying his talents is Tasca da Esquina, a small, but very popular, corner cafe in Lisbon.
tasca esquina sobral Old Portuguese taverns (or tascas) are known for serving up traditional “comfort food”.  For Tasca da Esquina, Sobral renovates an old corner space in a building in the Campo de Ourique area, creating a sparkling fresh restaurant, while maintaining the essence and soul of old tascas.
Tasca Esquina Dining RoomIn true tasca form, the menu is a long list of petiscos (Portuguese tapas).  Every dish seems absolutely tantalizing, so Portugal Confidential recommends dining with friends and sharing as many dishes as possible. A sample selection includes:

  • Quail with cherries
    Mackerel in pomegranate marinade
    Sautéed squid with mushrooms
    Pastry of bull’s tail
    Chicken liver with pickled pear
    Warm cockle salad with tomato and quince cream, and salmon caviar
    Crispy shrimp with ginger jelly
    Codfish with bacon, and sweet potato and tangerine cream

To complement each course or dish, Tasca offers a fine selection of national and international wines.  And, as with their petiscos tasting menus, wines can be poured by the glass….which further enhances your tour of Portuguese tastes.
Sobral was raised in the Alentejo region, the farm land between Lisbon and the Algarve in the south.  His earliest memories of flavors from here are combined with modern cooking techniques to create cuisine that is embraced by critics and foodies around the world.  Toss in some seasonings discovered in Brazil and other former Portuguese colonies, and Sobral offers a pure Luso dining experience.  In fact, in 2006, he was decorated by the President of the Republic of Portugal with the Office of the Order of Prince Henry the Navigator for his work in promoting Portuguese cuisine and Portuguese food products abroad.

vitor sobral
Tasca da Esquina is very popular, but only seats 40 people.  Reservations are highly recommended.  For more information visit the Tasca da Esquina website.  To learn more about Chef Vitor Sobral  click here.

Tasca da Esquina
Rua Domingos Sequeira, 41C
Campo de Ourique
1350-119 Lisboa

Phone:  +351 919 837 255
Phone:  +351 210 993 939
GPS:  38 ° 42’55 .35”N, 09 ° 09’49 .35”W
Hours:  Tuesday through Saturday – 12:30 to 00:00
             Closed all day Sunday and at lunch on Monday

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Saturday, December 4, 2010

Christmas Wine Tasting Tour

Originally uploaded by Bacalhoa.Vinhos
Quinta da Bacalhôa, an ancient Portuguese Royal Residence, is considered
the most beautiful early 15th century estate that
still exists in Portugal. Bacalhôa Wines who run the winery are offering a Special Christmas treat on 20, 21 & 22 December with visits to the Palace
Cellar topped off with a tasting of a 1999 Muscatel of the region and a slice of Portuguese Christmas cake Bolo-Rei, a typical king cake.

Don't miss this holiday treat and combine it with our V.I.P private guided tour or shore excursion. Prices from 420 euros for 2 people for a 7 hour full day tour. This part of the Quinta tour starts at 3 pm and lasts 2 hours. Contact me here for full details or just email me at

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Monday, November 29, 2010

Lisbon Christmas Lights 2010

Lisbon Christmas

Lisbon Christmas
Lisbon Lights Up For Christmas

Lisbon’s Christmas lights were switched on this weekend. Budget cuts canceled the annual gigantic Christmas tree but the streets downtown and in major commercial areas are now lit up and decorated with the spirit of the holiday season.

The biggest attraction is Rossio Square, where an ice skating rink and a merry-go-round have been placed. Perhaps this funfair atmosphere was not the best choice for the city’s most historical square, but it did attract hundreds of people this weekend, and will continue to do so until January 9th.

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Lisbon Scones, Jam & Tiles

As is usual, the beautiful Cardaes Convent  in Lisbon (Rua do Século, 123), with its magnificent tiles (pictured) and baroque decoration, promotes this weekend, a week of Christmas sales, with revenue to be devoted to the social work of the institution. More than 20 kinds of jam, jams, jellies, chutneys, pickles and many other delicious items prepared by volunteer members of the convent will be available to the public, which can also be tasted on the spot with tea and scones. Today at 20h and 14h to 20h. Not to be missed.

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Saturday, November 27, 2010

Wine Lovers Christmas Present

The "Legacy," aerating wine glass was designed with the ideals of a wine connoisseur in mind.  Have a contemporary wine drinking experience with the comfort of a wine glass shape you're accustomed to.  The "Legacy," aerating wine glass is scientifically proven to aerate wine that is poured into its internal vessel, allowing the flavor and aroma of your wine to blossom without adding any extra steps to the process. 
Simply uncork your bottle of choice and pour the wine into the center vessel of the glass.  This allows the aeration process to take place without having to deal with a 3rd party aeration device and the drippy mess that comes with using one.
Reach your wine's potential when using the "Legacy" aerating wine glass.

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Underground World of Art – Lisbon’s Metro Stations

A World of Art Underground – Lisbon’s Metro Stations: "
lisbon metro logo colegio militar luz

Lisbon is indeed a beautiful city choc full of traditional architecture, azulejos (tiles) murals and calçada streets. Contemporary architecture seems to shoot up overnight, adding to the rich culture of the city. Yet, not too many people notice the unique architecture and vibrant artwork of the underground spaces we know as the Metro.

Ever since the construction of the first stations in the 1950s, Metropolitano de Lisboa strived to make the underground environment as pleasing as possible to the user. And today, Lisbon’s underground stations are considered some of the most beautiful in the world.

For more information on Lisbon’s Metro, visit Metropolitano de Lisboa website.

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5 Free Things to Do in Lisbon This December

Vivienne WestwoodImage via Wikipedia
5 Free Things to Do in Lisbon This December: "

A New Look at the Design and Fashion Museum Collection

Lisbon’s Design and Fashion Museum is always free, and this month (until January 30th) you may see part of the collection rearranged by Tenente, one of Portugal’s top fashion designers. He selected about 30 outfits by some of the world’s top designers, from Christian Lacroix to Vivienne Westwood, Alexander McQueen, and Jean Paul Gaultier among others, and presents some of his own creations as well.

Architecture Triennial Exhibition in the Berardo Museum

The Berardo Museum of Modern Art is one of Lisbon’s major cultural attractions, and it’s taking part in the city’s architecture triennial. This exhibition (which is free just like the rest of the museum) discusses the world’s housing conditions based on the specific needs of each region of the globe, and how architecture is defined by local solutions.

The Golden Age of Portuguese Art

The Ancient Art Museum is presenting an exhibition about the “golden age” of Portuguese art (the artists and works created between 1450 and 1550). The stars of the 160 pieces on display are the famous “St. Vincent Panels” which are always a highlight of the museum, but here they’re “dissected” and explained through infrared images.

Most of the other works are part of the museum’s collection, but many were also brought from the Évora Museum, while others are Portuguese works now found in museums in Italy, France, Belgium and Poland.

This exhibition is free if you go on a Sunday until 2PM.

The International Urban Culture Festival

The Lisbon International Urban Culture Festival is taking place around the city until December 11, and one place you should not miss is Palácio Verride, a pink palatial building by the Santa Catarina viewpoint where dozens of Portuguese and foreign artists present their work. The program includes performances, workshops and themed exhibitions, all related to urban culture and contemporary art.

Christmas Concerts

Lisbon’s annual Christmas concerts in several of the city’s churches are back. Among the locations is Memoria Church, for a concert at 4PM on Saturday the 11th, Graça Church on the following day at the same time, Estrela Basilica on the 17th at 9:30PM, and chamber music in São Domingos Church on Sunday the 19th at 4PM.

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Wednesday, November 10, 2010

New Wine Bar in Lisbon “Grapes & Bites” –

Grapes & Bites, Lisbon
Portugals answer to Pink ChampersImage by your-lisbon-guide via FlickrMost of the bars in Bairro Alto are known for their cheap beer and caipirinhas, but the newest openings seem to all be devoted to wine. The latest one is called “Grapes & Bites,” and despite the English name it only serves Portuguese wines and “petiscos” (snacks).

There are close to 200 choices, many from the bottles on display, others presented on the wine list. They can be served by the glass or bottle.

There are also cocktails, but all made with national wines. To accompany the drinks there are cold cuts, Portuguese cheeses, bread and jams.

It took over the space of a former streetwear boutique, now decorated with big wine barrels standing as tables under the arched interior.

It surprisingly opens every day, even on Sundays, from 2PM to 2AM.

It’s located in the neighborhood’s trendiest shopping street, Rua do Norte, number 81.

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Friday, October 29, 2010

Lisbon's Top Chefs

Lovely Grub from Eleven RestaurantImage by your-lisbon-guide via Flickr
Gastronomic Event in Lisbon
Lisbon Top ChefsFrom the 30th of this month to November 5th, ten of Lisbon’s top chefs will be presenting some of their most creative menus in their restaurants. Created to boost awareness about innovation, diversity and excellence in Portuguese cuisine, and the impact it has on local culture and tourism. For those willing to splurge on the luxury of fine dining and signature dishes head for each Chef's restaurant.
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Monday, October 25, 2010

Queen Elizabeth 3 Lisbon

Snapped this on one of the crew on the dock side in Lisbon last week.

QE3 Lisbon dock maiden voyage
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Lisbon My Home Town

Great video with shots of the 28 tram that passes my front door on its travels through the city Lisbon.. See it the next time you are here or take a tour with me - we follow the tram through the Alfama on my private guided tour included in the Lisbon highlights sightseeing tour - don't miss it if you visit or are just on a cruise stop over for the day.

Lisbon from alvaro tapia hidalgo on Vimeo.

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Lisbon top 10 Travel Destinations

Lisbon Portugal
The slippery streets of connecting the bars of Barrio Alto, sardines cooking uncovered at every corner. The winding passageways adrift in Fado music leading to the Moorish castle atop the Alfama district. The immense festivals that bring visitors from all over the continent. Lisbon might not be the first capital you think of when planning a trip to Europe, but it will rank high on anyone's list of best European travel destinations and is often regarded as one of the top travel destinations around the world.
 Lisbon CastleImage via Wikipedia
When in Lisbon visit the many museums in the city. The Gulbenkian Museum has an incredible collection of art. Art lovers should also visit the Berardo Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art during Lisbon travel. The National Azulejo Museum, Coach Museum or Tile Museum, should be visited during Lisbon vacations. It has a wonderful collection of religious, decorative tiles many which were made in Lisbon Portugal.
 Tiles (c.1660) in the National Tile Museum in ...Image via Wikipedia
Discover the city’s narrow streets and many barrio’s, or quarters, that have made Lisbon tourism famous. With over 20 centuries of history Lisbon travel offers guests a look back into the past that shaped the country. The old quarters of Mouraria and Castelo are perfect for interesting day trips. Lisbon travel is excellent in June as the streets come refreshingly alive with feats that honor patron saints. People come out in festive moods and walk through medieval streets celebrating. Alfama is also a great area to celebrate in at this time of year. It’s one of the biggest tourist attractions and one of the oldest quarters of the city.
View of Alfama from the Miradouro of Santa Luz...Image via Wikipedia
Lisbon vacations should include a walk to the Tagus River where there are a variety of leisure areas and historical monuments to see. Here you can view the Torre de Belem in all her glory and get great views of the city. A short walk from the tower is the Mosteiro dos Jeronimos which is a highlight of Lisbon tourism. This historic monastery’s architecture and mere presence awe people during Lisbon vacations.
 Seven Wonders of PortugalImage via Wikipedia
When in this area of Lisbon travel to the Museu Nacional de Arte Antiga and view impressive antique art pieces.

Take a walk to the Moorish Sao Jorge Castle and see breathtaking views of the city below. Lisbon vacations along the coast offer fine sandy beaches at Estoril and Cascais as well as old fishing villages such as Sesimbra. For a beautiful nautical view hop on a boat ride along the Tagus or Sado and watch Lisbon life from the sea.
 Centre of Cascais.Image via Wikipedia

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Friday, August 13, 2010

Grilled Swordfish Perfect Lisbon Lunch

#97460 - Swordfish Steak with Salt Pepper and Coriander: "199834
Hot days in Lisbon call for a light and tasty lunch along with that glass of cool vinho verde. Here is a great suggestion to try to remind you of your trip or to get you in the mood for a visit to Portugal's number 1 city.
Sustainable swordfish steak seasoned with salt, pepper and coriander then grilled and topped with butter, cilantro leaves and lime.
craving more? check out TasteSpotting

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Summer in the City Lisbon Style

Lisbon’s Top 5 Summer Rooftop Terraces: "
Because summer in Lisbon lasts until October, there’s still plenty of time to enjoy some of the best spots of the season. Of the many terraces in the city (from outdoor cafés to riverfront restaurants), the ones to seek this summer are high up on the rooftops, offering views, cooler air, drinks, and relaxation after a day of sightseeing, meetings, or work:
Sky Bar, Tivoli Lisboa Hotel
It was one of the most talked-about bars last summer and it’s back this year. The views alone are worth a visit, but then there is also a good variety of cocktails (including a couple of non-alcoholic choices), soups, salads, wraps and noodles. It’s found at the top of the Tivoli Lisboa Hotel and it’s especially recommended late in the afternoon, staying for a light dinner as the sun sets followed by late-night cocktails.
Brasserie Rossio
It’s one of Lisbon’s newest restaurants in one of the city’s newest hotels (Altis Avenida). So not too many people know that from here there are beautiful views of downtown all the way to the river, standing above Rossio Station and Restauradores Square. Although the dining area is indoors (but still offering views through its glassed walls), tables and chairs have been placed on the terrace so you can enjoy a light meal or simply a drink at any time of the day. And that’s open to everyone, including non-hotel guests.
NH Liberdade Hotel
Right in the center of Lisbon’s busiest avenue, Avenida da Liberdade, is one of the city’s top secrets. It’s on the top floor of the NH Liberdade Hotel, a terrace with a pool open to non-hotel guests. For 20 euros (quite reasonable for a hotel pool in the city center), you can spend the day diving and swimming surrounded by city views. When you need to regain some energy, there are salads, sandwiches, juices and beer to enjoy poolside until the sun sets.
Terrace, Bairro Alto Hotel
It’s quite small and all the seats are usually taken when you get there, but it’s worth waiting for a spot at this rooftop bar in the Bairro Alto Hotel. Recommended for the afternoon, the drink to get on the hottest days is the “granizado,” a crushed ice and fruit blend.
Entretanto Bar, Hotel do Chiado
Perhaps the best-known of all Lisbon’s rooftop terraces, “Entretanto” of the Hotel do Chiado is nontheless looking to surprise its guests. It’s offering a “happy hour” late in the afternoon which actually lasts for more than 60 minutes, allowing you to enjoy special drinks and snacks at more reasonable prices. To accompany them are fantastic city views, from the castle to the top of the triumphal arch of Comercio Square.
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