Monday, August 9, 2010

Temperamento New Lisbon Gourmet

“Temperamento”: A New Shop for Contemporary Portuguese Crafts and Gourmet Products in Lisbon: "

Temperamento, Lisbon

Taking home a souvenir from Lisbon no longer has to be from the typical kitsch shops so common around the world. There are now several places in the city offering more authentic choices and original items, actually made in Portugal by local artists and companies.

The newest one is “Temperamento” downtown, a small space that’s big on the quality of the selection of crafts and gourmet products. These are products not just targeted at tourists but also at the local population, telling stories of Portuguese traditions and craftsmanship much appreciated by those with a more refined taste.

There are of course the famous Portuguese soaps and fragranced candles of the Portus Cale brand, together with the traditional biscuits, olive oils, jams, and ceramics and design pieces by young Portuguese artists.

Unlike many shops in the neighborhood, this one is open on Saturdays.

Temperamento, Lisbon

Temperamento, Lisbon

Address: Rua da Madalena, 182B (Baixa)

Telephone: (+351) 218 876 208


Temperamento, Lisbon

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